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Many people have already achieved great results with PEAK PHYSIQUE & PERFORMANCE. And who knows: maybe you will soon be able to share your success story! Check out the reviews on Google, Yelp and Citysearch, too.

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"I can say all the good things other have said here, but, let's save time. I confirm all the praise. It's not hype. It's real.

Knowledgeable, experienced, focused, truly the cream of the crop. I especially love the focus -- my trainer is 100% focused on me. His attention doesn't wander. He doesn't get distracted. I'm sure it's hard to train people all day and be focused and energetic for each client. But they do it.

I'm always impressed with their experience and knowledge. They tailor your workouts to your goals. Nothing but the highest praise."

Andy A. (Miami, FL)
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"After 4 years of procrastination, I have finally decided to find support to achieve my fitness goal, which is to compete in a bikini modeling competition. Within 3 months, I've lost 10 pounds and 3% body fat. I feel more confident with my body now and the knowledge and support of the team at Peak Physique & Performance is invaluable. I look forward to continuing this journey together with them all the way to winning the bikini modeling competition... stay tuned ;-)"

R.D. (Miami Beach, FL)
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"I have started training regularly several times before but never kept it up because I didn't see results and got bored. I've now been working out at Peak Physique & Performance for almost a year and I'm not stopping anytime soon. I'm finally seeing the results I was looking for and Lyen and her crew make me want to go.

I own businesses in Miami and Latin America and travel a lot, but when I'm in town, I go to PPP every day during my lunch hour. It's walking distance to my office and you can't beat that for convenience. Even though I'm going often, they keep it interesting by mixing up my workouts. One day I do strength training with machines and free weights, another day I do boxing, another day a cardio circuit or core training... Due to my schedule, I usually work with Lyen and Jairus and they both do an excellent job, they are great trainers with a lot of knowledge, experience and motivational skills. They kick butt but are nice and friendly.

PPP is run efficiently, things just work and I appreciate that. Since they only do personal training and have a spacious and well-equipped facility, it's never crowded or messy. I also prefer the personal treatment by the owners and trainers and the focused training environment. It's definitely what I need to make up for the frequent business lunches and my otherwise pretty sedentary lifestyle. I highly recommend Peak Physique & Performance!"

Reinaldo V. (Miami, FL)

"Five years ago I made the decision to change my health lifestyle from a mediocre health lifestyle to having a broader conscience of my body and what I put in it. At one point in time, my work schedule had me traveling (in the air) for 75%-89% for years. I felt that I didn't have any control of my eating habits and exercise regimen, because of the demands of my job. I was going from one city/ hotel to another city/hotel to yet.... another city/hotel. This proved to be very difficult for me to stay on focus with my healthier lifestyle objectives.

Two years ago, I was on a work assignment in the Miami area. I knew the assignment would have me in "paradise" for a few months if not longer. I stumbled upon Peak Physique and Performance, and I had an opportunity to connect with Lyen. I learned quickly that Lyen is an educated, beautiful, and charismatic professional trainer with a sense of compassion for her client(s). I didn't feel like I was just another client, another number, or another dollar. Lyen and Kolja made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to re-evaluate my already healthier but hectic lifestyle. We sat down together and Lyen took the time to talk with me, and she understood that I wanted to take my workout results to another level of success. She curtailed a physical training program that would meet the demands of my travel schedule at the time, and encouraged me to take another approach for how, when, and where I eat.

My previous trainer had a very old school approach on training; not willing to learn updated techniques. My old trainer became so mundane and I lost interest. Well, what I like most about the program that was designed for me by Lyen, is the fact it includes the very modern and physically challenging routines. Of which, these routines are coached via a variety of trainers that have strengths and/or specialization in specific areas of the body. This approach keeps me coming back and I love a different face for a different routine. All of the trainers (Rich, Szabi, Jairus, Chris, & Roberto) are amazing at what they do. There is no pretention amongst Lyen's team of trainers. All are very genuine, good spirited, and committed to making the client feel comfortable and encouraged to meet their health objectives. Let me not forget....the gym is also very clean and there is not a whole lot of traffic in and out.

I permanently moved to Miami 6 months ago, and my travel schedule has lessened. I am enjoying my results and loving how my body is transitioning in a way that is healthy and appealing to my eyes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Peak Physique and Performance, for their professionalism, cleanliness, and commitment to each client."

Rod B. (Miami, FL)
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About a year ago I decided to train for my first ever 1/2 marathon, something I would have never thought I would even consider at 35. I joined a running group but knew that would not be enough. I looked online and saw that Peak Physique & Performance had awesome reviews and decided to try them out. Now a year later, I successfully completed my first 1/2 marathon (I'm still in awe) and even completed a Mud Run. Lyen and her amazing group of trainers have helped my accomplish goals I never believed possible. I think that is the measure of a great trainer, taking us beyond even our own expectations. This year I plan to run 5 half marathons and a couple of obstacle runs and even plan on taking some trapeze lessons. Thanks to everyone at Peak Physique & Performance I am setting new goals and expectations for myself. I've been training with them a year and they have been able to graciously accommodate my rigid schedule. My work is demanding and I need a regimen that can accommodate my work. Other trainers are not always able to be flexible, which is another + positive of PPP. They are willing to work within your limitations but understand that is not what defines your ability. Like I said, I've been there a year and always get the largest training package; I'm not going anywhere soon. Thank you Peak Physique & Performance!"

Barbara S. (Miami, FL)
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"My partner and I travel a lot for work, so maintaining a regular exercise routine can be challenging. The trainers at PPP help us maximize our workout times when we are in Miami. All of the trainers are motivational and push us. We enjoy the individual attention with positive energy in a clean, well-equipped facility."

Jeff D. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yahoo!)

"Lyen and the rest of the trainers here are fantastic. First, when you work out here, there is you and your trainer and maybe one or two other people there with their trainers, so it feels like your personal gym. The trainers here are equally adept at rehabbing injuries, building strength and building endurance--they are very knowledgeable and always encourage proper form so you won't get injured. Also, the trainers are enthusiastic and push you without being annoying "rah rah" types. This is the perfect gym for those that have had trouble achieving results on their own or with lesser trainers that work at the big box gyms."

Matt K. (Miami, FL)

"All I can say is wow! Partly because I just came from a workout with Lyen and I am exhausted (smile) -- but mostly because the training and service at Peak Physique & Performance (PPP) is top notch. I have been going to different personal trainers since college and I have experienced all types of training in many major cities (Philadelphia, L.A., NYC, San Franciso, etc.) and I can honestly say, Lyen is my favorite of them all -- and the most knowledgeable of them all. She works you hard and gets you in shape, there is no doubt about that, but she also cares about your mental and emotional well being when you walk through that door to start your training. She tailors all of her training sessions to each individual's goals, level, body type and temperament; you know your training was designed just for you and you will almost never do the same training twice!

The gym facility and equipment are first class -- no unnecessary glitz and glamour, just immaculately clean and top quality equipment -- really one of the nicest private personal training gyms I have been in (and the free bottled water is a really nice perk). I have also had the opportunity to workout with other members of her team. They trained me as a beginner in boxing and plyometrics. Working with them was a wonderful experience as well, and allowed me the opportunity to change up my workouts every so often.

Simply put, if you want private one-on-one training you are not going to find better than Lyen and PPP."

Safiyah S. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Citysearch)

"Great training! Lyen has a way of really targeting a person's weak points, and she can get maximum results in a short period of time by doing it. Perhaps its her experience as a world champion competitor or just her natural understanding of the way the body works, but she really does get results like no other trainer I have ever had."

Leo T. (Miami, FL)
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"I have been training for several years at commercial gyms with personal trainers and I will never go back. Lyen and Kolja, the owners know their business like no one else in town. Lyen periodically attends workshops and conferences given by health professionals that are not personal trainers regarding the latest findings on the mechanics of the human body. Lyen consults a Physical Therapist that specializes in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. I chose to have the Physical Therapist examine me at the gym with Lyen present. He determined the weaknesses in my body, conditions and advised Lyen what needs to be strengthened and the exercises I should not do for now to prevent injuries or worsening a condition. Lyen alone knows alot about the human body. I know I am in good hands and my body is responding very well in this program. I have never been able to do squats correctly and I do them at home all the time to pick up things from the floor. What a great sense of accomplishment and thank you, Lyen. My core is the strongest it has ever been, my stomach looks flatter and at work I get a lot of compliments because of my new posture. I have also been trained by Rich, Szabi and Chris. They also know what they are doing and make the training fun. Lyen teaches you how to do the exercises correctly and expects you to learn it, so that anytime you train with her or her staff you already know how to do the exercise to achieve your maximum fitness level. Anytime I train with Lyen, Rich, Szabi or Chris they are constantly checking on on my form and do not allow me to do the exercises incorrectly and if necessary, the exercise is modified so that I do it correctly, not get hurt and get results. I thank Kolja, Lyen, Rich, Szabi and Chris because they have all been exceptional with me. They will being seeing more of me because I am signing up for a new package this week. I have been training with them since March."

Maria G. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Citysearch)

"I decided to go back to the gym after 2 years of being a couch potato. I had hurt my back a year before and although feeling better was nervous about working out. I decided to give Peak Physique a try. I explained my back issue and they created a program that was perfect for me. I love the convenience and the great staff. My goals were to strengthen my back (check),regain flexibility(check), tone up (check) and lose weight (getting there). I have been training 3 days a week for 60 minutes sessions for about a month and a half and love it. If you went to get into shape....give them a try."

Eugene B. (Miami, FL)

"I have been going to Peak Physique for a little over 6 weeks and have seen amazing results. Not only does Lyen and the other trainers push me to work hard during my training sessions, but she has taught me to change my eating habits at home. She is a great motivation and I recommend PP&P to everyone!"

Molly E. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Google)

"The team at PPP is incredible. When I started training 4 months ago I was skeptical about the results I could get. The first sessions were tailored at identifying my weak points and developing a routine that could increase my cardiovascular endurance. The results are noticeable. I lost weight and I feel more invigorated. I am able to complete the sessions feeling more energized. As I have made progress, Lyen, Rich, Chris and Szabi have made changes to provide me an even harder target and therefore keep me interested in going back. They all have different styles but at the same time they routines complement each other perfectly. Now I look forward to my sessions as a great way to finish hard days at work. The facilities are always keep in perfectly clean conditions and the equipment is state of the art."

Daniel L. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp)

"Lyen is an amazing trainer! She knows how to motivate people and ensure they see results. I've been training with Lyen and the other Peak Physique trainers for about two years and would recommend them to everyone. Regardless of your current fitness level (anything from total couch potato to fitness fanatic) Lyen will make sure that you see improvement in a very short amount of time."

Emily B. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Google)

"Lyen and her trainers are excellent to work with. They are very knowledgable and really care about your progress. The workout programs are individually tailored for each client. Been a client for almost two years and still get great variety in each session. Water and workout towels are included and you'll need them both during and after a workout. They also have bananas to feed your inner monkey!"

Jeff K. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp)

"I decided to try personal training after gaining a lot of weight. I tried working out on my own, or in groups like CrossFit, but felt that I lacked the discipline to get the results that I wanted. So I tried Peak Physique and Performance. Peak Physique is the best place to workout in Miami, hands down! I love everything about my experience there. My trainer, Lyen, is awesome! She is great at listening, giving me fitness advice, and tweaking my sessions according to my needs. Once I began working with her, I learned right away that there was more to it than just the discipline. She taught me that how I work out, and what I eat is extremely important - critical, really. Lyen gave me diet recommendations, and taught me how to do each exercise properly - with correct form to reduce chance of injury and get the most out of my workout. I began to see results right away. I've also worked with the other trainers at Peak Physique and they are all equally as good. They push me hard and the workouts are always fun and different. Personal training is by far the best way to go if you are serious about getting into shape. I am seeing results faster than some of my friends who have been habitual exercise fanatics (in my opinion). Doing it on your own, or grabbing a retail gym membership cannot compare to this. At Peak Physique, I feel very welcomed and encouraged to come on a regular basis and grow into a healthier me!"

Betty V. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Google)

"Been coming here for several years. Having worked with trainers at Equinox, David Barton Gym and several private gyms, we find the quality of the training and the service to be the best at Peak Physique [& Performance]. They really listen to you and know their stuff. Also it's a great help being able to book and pay for sessions online so I go to the gym just to work out. I highly encourage to pursue your fitness goals with Peak Physique [& Performance]."

Adam N. (Miami Beach, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp)

"A great team that will work hard to help you make your goal. The best gym in the area!"
Patrick B. (Miami, FL)

(link to this review on Foursquare)

"After looking and searching for the perfect trainer online I came across Lyen's profile. Although I had trained before with various trainers I felt they never knew the change that I wanted in my body. Having two pregnancies my last a set of twins I knew my body had changed but I wanted to recover what I felt was impossible, my old younger looking body!

This is where I saw Lyen and I told my husband: "she looks amazing and if she looks like that she knows what she is doing". I met with her in June and started working out 2x a week. I saw an improvement but that wasn't the only thing I noticed. I had an immense amount of energy all day and I felt great about myself. My husband noticed how happy I was and soon joined me too. We travel 1 hr both ways to and from the gym and have increased our workout to 3x a week.

I can honestly say I look forward to my workouts and this is because I never know what to expect. They are always changing my routine which not only helps my body but also my mind to not get bored! Every trainer brings their own expertise to your workout. I have not been disappointed with any trainer. I have enjoyed training with each of them. I even did boxing! Lyen is an amazing and dedicated trainer. She listens to your needs as well as your wishes for your outcome.

I got hurt on my own while running and the trainers were made aware of my injuries. They adapted different workouts to achieve my goal keeping in mind my limitation. Lyen would even text me to see how I was doing! That's priceless! I love my workouts! Thank you Peak Physique & Performance!"

Yasmin G. (Pinecrest, FL)

"We live in NYC, but have a place in Miami and visit often, to escape the northern cold. We never miss the chance to work out at Peak [Physique & Performance]. Their trainers are friendly, professional, experienced, attentive, and punctual; the management is equally efficient. They compare with the best that NYC has to offer, and I give them my highest recommendation. Just go!"

R. Martin C. (New York City, NY)
(link to this review on Google)

"This is the first time in my life where I am actually excited to get up and start my day training. The sessions are very focused, personalized, and the results are immediate. Lyen, as well as the other trainers, are extremely knowledge and know exactly what you need for your body. I have full trust in what they do, and fully trust in peak physique & performance."

Melissa P. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp!)

"Been privileged to work out with personal trainers for the last 10 years, and I have to say that the trainer's at Peak Physique [Physique & Performance] have truly met my expectations and more. They really focus on meeting my goals and try to make sure I achieve the best results. Looking forward to many AMAZING workouts with the whole gang. Lyen, Jarius and Geronimo You all ROCK!!!"

Frank N. (Miami Beach, FL)

"If you are looking for a personal training experience from people that really care about you Peak Physique & Performance is the place. I have been a member of other gyms and never had this much attention to my well being expressed by a trainer - especially not an owner. Lyen Wong is absolutely the premier trainer in Miami in my opinion. From developing a truly bespoke plan to achieve my goals to ensuring that I met them and not allowing me to fail, Lyen Wong is the best at what she does. My diabetes is now managed and my weight has come down and stayed down thanks to her, a feat never accomplished before. If you go somewhere else in Miami you are wasting valuable time and money that could be spent getting real results at Peak Physique & Performance with Lyen."

Paul D.
(link to this review on Superpages)

"Lyen and all the trainers at Peak Physique & Performance are just terrific! The workouts and training sessions are tailored to your specific goals and they incorporate strength training, cardio training, and inspiration to help you meet your goals. The gym has all the latest equipment, it's immaculate, and everyone there is focused on making your experience positive and focused on success. Run, don't walk, to Peak Physique & Performance!!!!"

Jim B. (Miami Beach, FL)
(link to this review on Yahoo Local)

"I am entering a dance program and I really needed to get in shape. Being out of high school for a couple of years, I lost a lot of my flexibility and strength. I saw great reviews online about Peak Physique and Performance and decided to go for it. It is amazing. I have been there for only a month and have already been seeing results. One of the great things is that Lyen personalizes your workout plan. She tackles what you specifically need work on. The atmosphere is very friendly and she makes u feel very welcome. Im looking forward to seeing my future results."

Natasha T. (Key Biscayne, FL)
(link to this review on Google!)

"I come down to South Florida a few times a year from NYC and was looking for a place to do TRX training. I had heard about Peak Physique & Performance and was happy to see that they offer TRX training. I set up a training and met with Lyen Wong and we hit it off right away. She took the time to get to know me and get a feel as to what my level of fitness was. From the moment we started warming up I knew this was going to be an amazing experience. Her knowledge of fitness and how the body functions is exceptional. She motivates and encourges you to push your self to the next level. I left feeling completely pumped and on an endorphin high. This place is a private facility which trains people one on one. They do it all not just TRX. I highly recomend this place to anyone who is serious or wants to get serious about fitness. The staff is great as well. I'll be back!"

George M. (New York City, NY)
(link to this review on Google)

"Looking for a change-up in my workouts, I decided to splurge for a month of personal training at Peak Physique & Performance. I had an awesome time working out there and made some significant gains in this short time.

First off, the place is great. Although their machines are a few years old, they look as if there were set up a week ago, they're so clean and well maintained. Before signing up, I was a little wary of them not having a military press or a squat rack, but honestly, the trainers know how to incorporate so many different exercises to fatigue your muscles, the lack of those machines never even mattered. They provide towels, water, and a shower if you need it.

What makes PPP shine are its people. Lyen and Kolja were very welcoming. And the trainers I worked with, Szabi and Jarius, were both top notch! I had been having a hard time working out my legs to failure before coming here (neck injury that kept me from putting too much weight on the squat rack), but Szabi put me through some leg workouts that had me stumbling the next day. And Jarius put together an awesome boxing session that had me in pain every time I laughed or breathed wrong...but the good, sore, muscle building pain! Lyen was awesome about giving me some tips about my diet that are really helping me build lean muscle and burn fat much more efficiently that I was before while eating about twice as much as I used to.

Sadly, my month of sessions came to an end, but I'm looking forward to coming back and continue my training with these awesome people. It's not something I'll be able to do consistently because this type of personal, individualized attention is rather expensive, but if you have the means, it makes sense to make this the only way you work out. The trainers push you and are so knowledgeable that a half-hour workout with them is tougher and produces better results that an hour-and-a-half workout you would do on your own. Saves time, and gets much better results."

Daniel L. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp)

"I have been working out on my own for over 16 years. Thus, I am no stranger to the gym or to basic exercises. Lately with work, my motivation has been lost to work out on my own. This is the first time I have ever used a personal trainer and I have noticed a huge difference. The intensity of the workouts is nothing like anything I have ever been able to do on my own. Lyen and her staff of trainers do an amazing job of customizing a program to match your fitness goals. Lyen's motivation and encouragement is fantastic. She is serious about her work and wants to her clients to achieve their goals. The gym is always clean and the equipment is up to date. I also enjoy the privacy the gym offers. Thanks for results so far."

Sylvan F. (Miami Beach, FL)
(link to this review on Google!)

"Recently I decided to get back into shape. I was starting to forget what an elliptical machine or free weight looks like. Although I have been there just six weeks, my friends are already noticing a difference in my body. (No, I don't think they are saying that to butter me up. )

I turned to Peak Physique as I was very excited about their concept. They are a private facility which trains clients, one on one. Each client has a personalized routine just for him or her. It's never the same work out, so it's always fun. I know a lot of people would rather pull out their fingernails than workout, but I promise you it is a blast.

Lyen is a very knowledgeable and thorough trainer. She really knows what she is doing. Jon too is awesome. He has a very pleasant disposition. Both trainers are athletes in addition to being certified. I don't know about you, but I would never train with a trainer sporting a muffin top. Yeah, motivate me while eating that Twinkie buddy.

Anyway, the facility is spotless. The equipment is all new. Everyone there is great. Definitely check it out, especially if you are serious about getting into the best possible shape."

Stacy S. (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Yelp!)

"After my surgery, I thought getting back into shape was going to be difficult. Lyen made it so easy. She and her knowledgeable staff took the time and effort to describe every excercise to me and what I should look for, what excercises we weren't going to do due to strains and even found other excercises to replace those I couldn't do in order to get the same effect. An incredible amount of time and caring is put into their individualized workouts and you see that because they are always different and target different areas of your body. My wife and I drive 1 hour to and from every time we go and it is well worth it."

Carlos G. (Pinecrest, FL)
(link to this review on Google!)

"Lyen is a great motivator and she really makes you want to exercise and eat healthy. She is very honest and upfront with you about your goals and training program. There is never a dull moment with her program, she switches up the routine and makes it so that you are able to do it. When you tell her you can't go on she says "yes, you can". She is awesome and I am very happy with her. She makes me feel comfortable and she gets to know your fitness level so that you can gradually build up and become stronger. If you're looking for specific needs and want to see results, I highly recommend Lyen."

Julia K. (Homestead, FL)
(link to this review on Yahoo!)

"Lyen is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Training with her is refreshing. It is also tailored to your very specific plans and goals. She doesn't try to make you fit on one standard training pattern, instead she figures out what is that will really work for you. All sessions are also one-to-one, and that makes a great difference, for motivation (if that is what you need) and for results (that is what you are paying for). If you are ambitious and want greater results, if you have specific needs and focus on something well defined, then this is the place for you."

Milton Miller (Miami, FL)
(link to this review on Citysearch)

"Lyen is the best trainer ever, I've lost 30 lbs because of her :)"

Sean S. (Miami Beach, FL) via Facebook

"Working out with Lyen has been great. Since working with her I've come down from a 33 waist to a 29! I haven't been a 29 waist since high school. This is the best I've looked since then and I couldn't have made this progress without her help. I've lost about 20 pounds and really improved my body shape and posture. Following Lyen's nutritional recommendations made it much easier to make the right choices in trying to decide what to eat and be able to burn fat and lose weight. Working out with her has been fun and she really takes her job seriously and puts in the time to make sure I get the most out of the workouts. She is a great motivator in the gym and its nice working out with a professional who has experience in getting measurable results."

Daniel McGee, M.D. (Coral Gables, FL)

"Lyen Wong is a very motivational and driven personal trainer, which is what I needed. Her knowledge on fitness and nutrition made her the right choice for my fitness goals. She is a trainer that is involved and genuinely cares about her clients and their progress. Having the opportunity to work with several trainers in the past, I can truly say that Lyen is at the top of the industry."

Angelica A. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

"I took some personal risk when hiring Lyen as I hired her to host a beach boot camp for some friends of mine, without them knowing about this at all.... Fortunately, Lyen is the best personal trainer ever and it was a big success. Several of my friends are used to working out with well qualified personal trainers from before, but Lyen helped set a new benchmark. She is extremely energetic and motivating, and at the same time led the group through a whole range of exercises that were both great for fitness and for fun. Furthermore, she managed to on the spot adapt the program to account for various fitness levels between my friends. Next time I am in Miami I will definitely schedule more appointments."

Magnus B. (Oslo, Norway)

"Lyen Wong is THE best trainer. Period. Living in Miami, I have worked with many trainers, but Lyen Wong is the last one I will ever need. I won't workout with anyone else. I look better than I ever have, or ever thought I could. In 2 weeks I saw major results, in 3 months, I had a new body. She is extremely professional, and frankly I can't believe that such a high caliber of trainer is available for us regular folks in Miami. I feel like I'm working out with someone from television like P90x or Tae-Bo or something. First thing she does is meet with you for an introduction. She listened to me as I told her about my goals and then she told me about her method and how she works. She is extremely professional and 110% dedicated to your results. It means as much to her as it does to you for you to get results. She takes measurements, including body fat percentage, and takes pictures to document your changes. Also, she not only gets your body in shape, tone, built in all the right places, she also emphasizes posture, which I really like. I've always had terrible posture, and because of her I have completely changed the way I hold my body. Her depth of knowledge in exercise physiology and anatomy is extremely profound. As a medical student, I'm able to discuss with her in depth about the mechanics of the body. She really knows what she's talking about. She is constantly changing the routine, so you never get used to it, and never get bored. She is extremely motivating and encouraging. Nothing feels better than after a 1 hour session with Lyen Wong. I'm ready for my day, feeling stronger, healthier, and more alive than ever."

N.M. (Coral Gables, FL)

"At 71, I'm probably among Lyen's oldest clients in age but also in length of training, over four years now. I hope you can tell that I'm either very pleased with the job they do at Peak Physique & Performance or I'm getting senile. When I first met Lyen I was not in the best of shape. Suffering from atrophy and pain in both knees, loss of strength in my shoulders and upper body, some other minor issues and, oh, a couple of bouts with cancer.

Lyen overlooked my moans and groans and went to work fixing and building up the parts of my anatomy that I was not aware could be fixed without surgery. Working with her also greatly improved my posture. She has done and is doing one hell of a job on an "old broken down body".

Results don't happen overnight and without commitment and I've been coming to Peak Physique & Performance regularly three times a week for years now. The easiest thing in life is complaining and wishing some miracle will happen to you but it won't. It's interesting that you never think you're getting old until you're old. I remember seeing an MRI of my "body machine" years ago and realizing that I've been neglecting it for too long. And I've been lucky to meet a great "body technician" in Lyen Wong!"

Marvin Stuart (Miami Beach, FL)

"Even though I started training under Lyen's tutelage recently, I have gone through enough sessions with her to say that she is methodical, driven and knowledgeable. Big on the right way to do each and every exercise, Lyen can keep you motivated through the routines, particularly when you think you can't push yourself any further. I would not hesitate to recommend her for anybody who is serious about getting or staying in shape."

Jay F. (Miami, FL)

"After giving birth to my first child, a little girl, I wasn't happy with the way I looked. I'm a doctor so I know that professional help is what always works best. Working twice to three times a week with Lyen has got me back on track and toned - right in time for my second pregnancy!"

Ute W., M.D.

"Lyen is not only a very professional personal trainer, but an excellent human being. I have to thank her for all her efforts and continue education not only in regards to my routine and my nutrition, but my medical conditions and how to improve me physically and mentally to achieve my goals. I highly recommend her!"

Claudia C. (Aventura, FL)
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"It took a while for me to start training with Lyen from the time that I had first contacted her. I must say that I was very glad when I finally did. I had trained with other people in the past but I am confident when saying that none were as dedicated and knowledgeable as I have found her to be.

She is such a stickler for proper form, that has been such an eye opener for me, showing me how I have been doing certain exercises incorrectly for many years while under other trainers supervision. She displays a perfect blend of concern, understanding and motivation. While she makes sure to point out what I may be doing wrong and therefore not achieving the results I could be, she will also compliment and praise me when deserved or even when she may think I just need it that day as an extra push. She definitely knows how to keep the routines fresh and varied so that I dont get bored and I can be challenged. I find it so encouraging to work out with her because she lives what she preaches and she truly strives to get us in the same path. She emphazises how exercising is not crucial for aesthetic reasons only but more important for our health and well being. After an hour workout with Lyen I feel energized and stronger, both mentally and physically, it is a real stress releaser as well.

I have had to take a break for a couple of months and I am so looking forward to the day I start up again. I highly recommend Lyen Wong and can guarantee that if you follow her advice and direction you will get results while enjoying yourselves, through the pain, sweat and all."

Elda P. (Miami, FL)

"I'm a 27 year old female in relatively good shape, I have worked out off and on for the past 6-7 years, however i never got to the point where i was completely satisfied with my results. I am getting married this year so i wanted to get into the best shape as possible so i started working with Lyen mid January. Not only was she extremely professional, she is always on time, reliable, and consistent. I spend an hour with her three days a week, and i find that the time just flies by. Lyen mixes up the routine to keeps me motivated and interested. She still challenges me every time I see her so that my body never adapts to a specific program. she is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and diet and keeps herself informed and educated on exercise routines.

I have actually worked with several trainers in the past, however, working with her for only 4 months I have achieved increasing positive results with more strength and energy than I have ever had before. I highly highly recommend her no matter what fitness level you are at!"

P.S. (North Miami Beach, FL)

"Lyen truly cares about the health and complete well-being of her clients, as she is not only a personal trainer but also a nutritionist. Her enthusiasm and energy are unmatched, and are extremely contagious! Lyen is a consummate professional and is always on time. My work-outs with Lyen have not only led me to improved health, but also a life-long friendship. I love the relaxing stretch after the workout! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to live their best life!"

Joanna P. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

"I began working with Lyen on December 1st, 2009. My goals included to become fit again, not necessarily to lose weight, but just look and feel FITagain... 3 months later, I feel almost at 100%. She keeps the trainings interesting, organized and challenging. She takes time to evaluate your needs, wants and personal capabilities, to create an individualized training plan. She is very knowledgable in physical fitness and nutrition!"

Jovanna M. (Miami, FL)

"Lyen Wong has to be one of the most talented and unique personal trainers around. A true professional and expert in her field. As a Business Consultant, I knew I had to hire an expert resource to help me achieve my fitness goals. Hiring Lyen is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my personal life. She has gotten me started, and keeps me on track. She is unique in the sense that she customizes my program for me, and I have a special plan for myself that is my own personal "Wong Way". I am sure she does this for all of her clients, as she comes highly recommended. I would recommended her services to anyone, at any fitness level. as she will be able to customize a plan just for you. I am sure you will be just as happy as I am. Thank you Lyen!"

Jayme K. (Sunny Isles Beach, FL)
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  • "Thank you very much. I could not have done it alone"
  • "Can't wait! Thanks for everything today I couldn't have made it without your help!"
  • "thx for the awesome work out today. I feel great! I already can't wait to workout again. I'm addicted! We are soooo lucky that we found u."
  • "Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. It's truely a pleasure working with you and we are having fun!"
  • "I did those back exercises on the wall all day and I love it! Thank u!!"
  • "I am missing our workouts!!! Can't wait to get back in there with you!"
  • "BTW traning was awesome today!"
  • "Dan has gotten compliments on losing weight already!"
  • "You are the best!! Thanks for pushing us! We feel better than we have ever felt both mind and body. You are like a gem. Thank you!!"
  • "luv wrkng w u! U r amazing@keeping me motivated n focusd! ur drive inspirs me! u r truely great@what u do!"
  • "thx so much! grt wrk out! today and the whole week! excited to keep wrking with u! feel very priviledged to have u! ;)"
  • "Por cierto, mil gracias por estar siempre tan pendiente de mi."